Watch Them Play

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Have you ever watched little ones play.  Really watched them?

Babies of course play by themselves.  They are trying to master gross motor skills when they are finally able to pick up or hold onto a rattle or some other toy.  Where do they try to put these items?  The answer is their mouth, which is why it is so important to make sure that the toys are age appropiate, so that they won’t swallow or choke on somthing.

As the child grows, he still is developing gross motor skills and still pretty much plays alone but does begin to realize that there are other children or adults around him.  His mouth is still the source of pleasure for him, but he is also beginning to notice that a toy has more to it than just this.  He may rocognize color or lights or music other noises coming from it.  It begins to be a separate entity.

Next the child starts to play with others even though he may not want to share or play for very long.  He also is beginning to develop his fine motor skills and now uses buttons and knobs on the toy.  He now knows that the toys have other purposes than to give him pleasure by chewing or sucking on them.

Have you ever noticed all of these things and changes as they grow?  They are fascinating little beings with so much to learn which they are doing through play.  Play is their work.

If you have any comments on your observations or on this article, please reply.  I will get back to you as soon as possible.

 Watch Them Play

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