How do babies learn?  THROUGH PLAYING.  Even at a very young age when the baby is pretty much immobile he learns from toys.  He uses his other senses, such as the sense of sight and sound.


Babies are attracted to things like mobiles over the crib or infant swing.  The motion and and lights and music associated with these things attracts their attention and learning begins.  The baby looks and listens for this to be repeated and enjoyed and soon new associations are made and learning has begun.  20160523_145948

Fisher Price breaks learning down into stages and includes what skills are used in each stage and how toys effect the child’s growth in each stage.  The first skills that a baby needs to develop are sensory skills such as hearing, seeing, touching and tasting. Then his fine motor skills develop which means grasping a toy or holding a rattle.  The last one is gross motor skills which mean that his motor skills gradually become more refined and the baby can do more things with the toys he could only grasp before.

Most companies that make and sell toys are well aware of all of this and create toys that meet these little ones’ needs.