Toys And Grandparents

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This post could also be entitled The Role of Grandparents or Grandparents Are For Spoiling Grandchildren.  This is not meant to be a negative or derogatory statement and not all grandparents buy into this.  However, many grandparents can’t wait for that little one and many times the grandparents are in a different place financially than they were when they were raising children.  They can’t wait to go shopping for the little one.

One of the first things they usually spend money on are clothes.  There are so many cute things for newborns and usually the baby ends up with so many he will outgrow them before he even gets to wear them. The other items that grandparents want to buy are furniture items.  Many times there is a competition between paternal and maternal grandparents to buy the crib or the stroller or some other large item.  Then what do they buy as the child begins to grow.  TOYS of course which is the focus of this article.

There are so many toys and as the child grows, so do the toys.  In the beginning it is what the grandparent thinks is cute.  Then the child begins to become aware of toys when he goes shopping with family or when he watches TV or other electronic media.  He begins to go to friend’s houses and sees their toys or starts daycare or preschool and comes home and tells family about these great toys that he wants.  And many times who does he go to?  Who is most likely to buy them for him?   GRANDMA OR GRANDPA?

Is this wrong?  Sometimes the parents object for whatever reason.  One day, a son-in-law was loudly voicing his opinion on the subject.  The grandmother had again bought the 5 year old a toy.  The father objected.  His wife told him to get used to it.  She said that, that is what grandparents do and that there is nothing wrong with it.

As mentioned above, grandparents can usually, now, afford it now and may feel that it makes up for all of the times they could not do it for their own children.  It may make them feel more a part of the child’s life.  They may feel like it is a good learning tool for the child and know that at this point the parents can’t afford to buy it.  Or, it may not be any of these things.  They see it, they love the child and buy it.

Anyway, so, don’t forget the grandparent.  They are a very important part of a child’s life and they buy toys.  Don’t forget this.

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 Toys And Grandparents

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