Torch My Blazin Dragon

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Product: Torch My Blazin Dragon

Price: $59.00

Cheapest Play to Buy: Amazon.Com

Size: 8x14x14.8 inches and 4.3 lbs.


Review of Torch My Blazin Dragon


What an adorable little dragon.  He’s a baby that can bring up all kinds of imaginative play for your little child.  Remember hedragon is a baby and needs nurturing, loving care as does your little one.  What better way to learn about what constitues this kind of care that hopefully he receives from his caretakers.

Included in this set is the pet, color chaning treat, a water filling crystal, a filter and instructions

The plush little dragon responds when his nose is touched.  He makes noices, such as, gurgling, burps, sneezes, purring, meow like sounds and snoring.  The dragons eyes are seet and expressive and his head tilts and he makes motion combos.  He has a marshmallow treat that you can feed him and that toasts ( changes color) when he breathes fire or a colored mist.  This happens when you press the charm around his neck.

Think of how much fun your little one will have taking care of this little dragon and of all of the adventures he will have.







 Torch My Blazin Dragon

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