Out Of The Mouths Of Babes Come Learning Concepts

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Dad came barrelling into the house demanding that his two boys get out side and help him take care of the leaves.  No room for discussion or even a word.  The youngest boy had just been given ibuprofen for a severe headache that had been triggered by the smell of gasoline that was drifting into the living room from the leaf blower that his father was leaving.  No one even dared utter a word about this.  Instead both boys got their shoes on and prepared to go outside to help.

On their way out the oldest boy, who was very angry with his father, said to his younger brother,” when you are grown up and have children, remember this and don’t treat them the way Dad treats us.”  The youngest one responded by saying,”I will have to treat them as Dad does because this is what I learned from Dad.”

Remember that old saying?  Children learn what they live.  From where did he get that?  Well, I guess, that doesn’t matter.  The fact is that he did learn it and that it had an impact.  This is actually a poem authored by Dorothy Law Wolfe. Again I don’t know where he got this from.  He is in seventh grade so probably he was introduced to it at school.  Please take a moment to rea;d the poem to see exactly what it says.  My only hope is that he does not really mean what he said and that what others in the family have taught far out weigh what he said yesterday. This was said to him at the time.  He was told that his mother and others in the family try to teach him the positives in the poem and hopefully that is what he really ascribes to; not the negatives.


 Out Of The Mouths Of Babes Come Learning Concepts

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