Fisher Price Little People Sit n Stand Skyway

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Product: Fisher Price Little People Sit n Stand Skyway

Price: $29.88

Cheapest Place To Buy: Amazon.Com

Size: 5.6x25x16   6 lbs.


Review of: Fisher Price Little People Sit n Stand Skyway


This toy converts fairly easily from a sit at roadway level to a stand up tower.  Two buttons on the side change it from one position to the other.   It skyway-2stands over 3 feet tall and is just the right height for a 3year old.  It is recommended for children from 18 months to 5 year olds. The set includes 2 little people wheelies vehicles.  Parents have, also, found that other little match box cars will go down the track without difficulty.

Children can use their imagination and begin by driving their wheelies vehicles over the roads and down the ramps of the horizontal town and then change it to the 3 feet size and make it into a vertical mountain skyway and put their vehicles at the top and watch the cars zoom arouund the spiral ramps all of the way to the bottom.

What fun they will have, either alone or with a buddy and from past experience will be entertained for a long time.





 Fisher Price Little People Sit n Stand Skyway

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