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Product: Baby’s First Sounds: Discoveries For Little Ears DVD

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Review of “Baby’s First Sounds: Discoveries For Little Ears” DVD–Baby Einstein


Baby and Little Einstein videos were a huge part of our little one’s early years.  He begain watching and litstening to these from the time he was a little baby–about 3 monts of age–to toddler age.  He loved the characters and rocket and had many toys associated with them.  He would watch the videos for as long as he was allowed to.  I remember leaving them on the plane when we went to Florida.  They were gone forever.  We had to go out and buy new ones while we were there as he wanted to watch them so badly and would not go to sleep without them.  He was a toddler then and knew exactly what he wanted. babys-first-sounds

There are a lot of DVDs by Baby Einsten or Little Eistein.  The one chosen to be reviewed here is “Baby’s First Sounds: Discoveries For Little Ears”.  First of all, of course,I there is beautiful classical music in the background which is the case in many or most Little Einstein videos.  The focus is on five basic sound which baby builds on to form actual words such as dada and mama.  From there he learns new words that make sense in our adult world.  The videos that baby watches involve puppet shows, and nursery rhymes and pictures of parents that have meaning to little ones.  All of this combined encourages the child to learn what we know as understandable language.  Remember what it was like when you first heard him say dada or mama?  It’s one of the most beautiful sounds a parent hears.

Most of the reviews are very positive stating that the child watched this video for a long time and that at 19 months he was still watching it.  There were a couple of complains about the fact that not enough English was in it.  It contains English, Spanish and French and as mentioned above there was not enough English.  It consists of 1 disk and the run time is 33 minutes.

There are many, many Baby and Little Einstein DVDs and many can be found on Amazon.Com.  Some these are Baby’s First Moves, Baby MacDonald-A Day On the Farm, Baby Monet, Baby Einstein-Neighborhood Animals, Baby Einstein-Baby Davinci ad Baby Einstein-Numbers to mention a few.  They are all so entertaining and such good learning devices.

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 Baby And Little Einstein Videos

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