Hi, my name is Sandy.  We have a lot of children in our family and children have always been very special to me.  It goes without saying that what is important to them is important to me and that is the reason for this website.

When the last one was a baby he used to watch the Little Einstein videos over and over.  He just loved the Little Einsteins.  The videos went every place with us, and in fact, they even got left on a plane one time and we had to go and replace them right away.  As soon as he could talk he would tell you who each of the 4 little Einsteins were by name and he absolutely loved Rocket.  These are memories I will always remember.

Therefore one of my focuses will be on Little Einstein, but that is only a beginning.  I wish to focus on toys that little ones love to play with from the time they are babies to their first years in school. Some are learning tools to teach your little but hopefully they will get many hours of fun and enjoyment.